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​SofTap WAY

SofTap® colors have had an excellent reputation for safety and beauty since their creation in 1988. All pigments are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients. Their creamy consistency and fabulous staying power have made them a must-have for permanent cosmetic professionals. While these pigments have been designed for use with the hand method, they can also safely be used in any machine! Choose from 26 natural eyebrow colors, 13 fabulous lip colors, 11 gorgeous eyeliner colors, and over 15 other camouflage, correction aids, and areola shades. If you still can't find the perfect color, any of these can be mixed together to create a custom color just for you!

Important to remember: 1 week prior to PMU treatment:

*Stop using Retin A or Any skincare products with glycolic acids, AHA or hydroxyl acids.

*Do not take any pain medication prior to your PMU treatment

*No Tanning

*For Lip liner - If you are prone to cold sore/herpes- ask your doctor for prescription  to prevent from  flaring up your cold sore.

Permanent Cosmetics


SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the brand name and trademark for SofTap® Inc., the permanent makeup supplier company offering the highest quality education, hypoallergenic pigments, and 100% disposable SofTap® hand tools to permanent cosmetic professionals. SofTap® Products are the #1 choice of hand method professionals with every hand method technique! Hand tools may be tapped or very gently etched into the skin, depending on the desired results. The next generation of microblading has been developed by SofTap, in order to continue providing professionals with the best disposable hand tools available. With GenuLine® Needles, professionals can apply high definition hair strokes with a gentle touch.

Note:  Please call first to see if you are a candidate for Permanent Make Up.

Eyebrows - $400.00  includes 1 touch up

after 6 or 8 weeks

​Eyebrows- Corrective - from $195.00 - Up

​Eyeliner - $ 200.00 Upper or Lower

​                (Upper and Lower - $ 375.00)

​​Lipliner - 425.00- Up

​Beauty Mark - $75.00