Gua Sha Facial Treatment

Signature Facial (50to 60 min)  $ 110.00-$125
The signature facial includes a thorough cleansing, Steam and gentle exfoliation with a enzyme mask, extractions to remove impurities and relaxing facial massage and decolletage massage and with complete hydration. Great for a first time facial or maintenance within your skin care regimen.  This treatment will be customized based on the skin type. Incorporate Gua Sha Facial Massage !!! Gua Sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.  The facial tool gently massages the oft-overlooked muscles in the jaw, cheeks, and forehead, and also be used elsewhere on the body,  Regular Gua Sha practice stimulates collagen products, and may diminish the appearance of fine lines over time.
Anti- Aging Facial (60 to 75 min.)   $ 155.00
Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. If you're on the quest for younger-looking skin, you're in luck. Additional anti-aging solutions include light therapy or microcurrent or microdermabrasion if needed.  Infuse Hyaluronic Serum which will help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. When the skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, as the skin isn't busy fighting for hydration. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells.
24K Gold Facial Treatment ( 75 to 90 Min) $195.00
24 Karat Gold Facial is a luxurious anti-aging treatment based on 24 karat gold that offers the skin an unparalleled therapy of luminosity and cellular regeneration. ... The 24 Karat Gold Facial lifts and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brightens the skin. This treatment will give a natural rejuvenation and glow.
Oxygen Facial with Microdermabrasion(60-70min) $150.00

The Z-LuminOxy serum is a blend of naturally brightening extracts, peptides, and hyaluronic and glycolic acids.

This formula gently exfoliates the skin with Glycolic Acid while deeply moisturizing with Hyaluronic acid to bring a natural glow to the skin.

This amazing serum is combined with lemon fruit, bearberry, and licorice root extract is perfect for skin brightening treatments.

The Z-LuminOxy contains a very powerful brightening ingredient- bearberry extract, that is a botanical skin lightener.

It works by reducing melanin production, the brown pigment in our skin.

The Z-LuminOxy helps to block the formation of color pigments, as well as lightening age spots, freckles, sunspots.

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Teen Facial (45 Min. )  $ 85.00

Facials for teens are often designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles.

Gentleman's Facial (50 min) $ 95.00

The gentleman's facial meets the needs and challenges of a man's skin. The gentleman's facial is geared for the specific needs that men have. A customized treatment includes deep pore cleansing, hot towels or steam, exfoliation, extractions and a customized mask, and hydrating moisturizer.

What is a Gua Sha Facial ??

During your quest to keep your complexion all bright and glowy (not to mention ward off fine lines and wrinkles for as long as possible), you may have noticed a bevy of weird, misshapen-looking crystals hogging the spotlight on your social media feeds, and are probably wondering what they’re all about.

The crystals are part of a buzzy facial treatment called Gua Sha. Aficionados of this ancient Chinese practice claim it’s like a natural facelift that leaves your skin tighter, brighter, and all-around healthier looking.

But does it really work? Does scraping a rock across your face really offer up age-defying results? Here’s the lowdown on what experts know about facial gua sha so far.

What is a gua sha facial massage, exactly?

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice that’s thought to promote the flow of “chi,” or energy, in the skin. The technique involves gently scraping a tool over the neck and face—usually made of jade or rose quartz and cut to fit the contours of the face—in an upward sweeping motion.

Theoretically, the pressure that’s applied to the skin via the gua sha tool causes a level of friction that improves circulation and increases blood flow to the area, says Raman Madan, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Huntington Hospital in New York. The belief is that the uptick in blood flow can offer up plenty of skin-friendly perks, such as increased collagen production, along with reductions in puffiness, hyperpigmentation, and muscle tension.




Add On:

Microdermabrasion - $20

LED Light 20 Min  -  $15

Oxygen Infusion -     $25

About LED Light Therapy

  • LED, or light emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red and blue.

  • NASA originally developed it for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found it to have promise for wound treatment. LED light therapy is now used by some aestheticians to help regenerate the skin from aging. It’s also used for acne.

  • Your healthcare provider uses red or blue light frequencies based on the skincare concern. Red is primarily used for anti-aging, while blue is used for acne treatment

  • source:https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/led-light-therapy#overview

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